Sustainability Policy

sustainabilityDIVERSE OPTICS INC. is a privately owned company specializing in custom manufacturing of precision polymer optics. We recognize the importance of sustainable development and will work with our clients to ensure that our projects meet their sustainability requirements.


We are committed to continually looking for ways to reduce our impact on the environment and working to prevent pollution. We pay particular attention to waste minimization and resource efficiency and ensure we source sustainable materials where practically and economically feasible. We take the State of California and Federal government’s aim to reduce the amount of carbon dioxide emitted very seriously. We are continuously looking for ways to minimize our carbon footprint. We maintain an Environmental Management System modeled after the ISO14001:2015 Standard and deploy regularly scheduled self-assessments to ensure compliance and continuous improvement.

Our People

We are committed to providing a safe working environment that focuses on the prevention of injury and ill health. We believe that everyone has a role to play in creating a safe working environment for themselves, those they work with, and ensuring that the public are not endangered by any of our activities.

We recognize the value of our employees and work with them to develop their potential and to increase their competence through regular training. Where possible, we recruit our staff locally to support the local economy.


The community in which we operate can be affected by our manufacturing processes and we work towards mitigating the potential nuisance of our activities.

We work to ensure that we interact positively with the community in which we operate. Effective communication is important so that all those who work for us or on our behalf are aware of their responsibilities to ensure a high standard of environmental and community care is maintained.


We are committed to improving the effectiveness of our management systems to provide opportunities to maximize our quality and delivery performance to all stakeholders.

Finally, we are aware that the livelihoods of our staff and to some extent, our customers and suppliers depend on our continued existence. This is best served by our ongoing commitment to quality.

For more information relating to Sustainability and our Environmental Management System, please contact us to arrange a discussion with our EMS Manager.