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Precision Polymer Optics

For over 30 years, we have been manufacturing the most challenging polymer optic components, modules, and assemblies for leading defense & aerospace, medical, and commercial/industrial applications with advanced technology and an experienced team of dedicated professionals. Polymer optics: it is in our DNA; it is who we are.

When you are looking for consistently repeatable precision polymer optics to reduce cost, trim system weight, simplify design, and improve performance, come to Diverse Optics. Our breadth of polymer optics knowledge is unsurpassed and our experience with every type of polymer optic application is our namesake – Diverse. Look inside and see why optical engineers are amazed when we show them what we can do with polymer.

Let us show you how our experience and obsession with precision polymer optics, custom plastic optics, and optic tooling can transform your optical system from expensive, heavy, and complicated to commercially viable, lightweight, and wonderfully simple. Let Diverse Optics show you how polymer optics are perfected.

Diamond Turning

Single Point Diamond Turning (SPDT) plays a key role in nearly all our polymer optics programs. Whether it is prototyping, tooling inserts, pilot production, or some combination of the three, diamond turning is a fundamental part of our process. At Diverse Optics, we diamond turn some of the most challenging optical elements with complex forms and shapes in-house.

Injection Molding

At Diverse Optics, injection molding is our specialty. We were founded as an optics molding company and today we continue the tradition by offering unmatched polymer optics processing expertise. When your design defies conventional injection molding design rules, look no further than the processing engineers at Diverse Optics to find the solution. Sure, we use the fundamentals like Taguchi Design of Experiment (DOE), Window Processing, and Decoupled (Scientific) Molding, but we also layer on over 30 years of our own secret sauce to guarantee your molded optics are functional works of art.

Thin-Film Coating

A large portion of our polymer optics require thin-film coating. Beware, not all coaters are created equally, and it takes a unique skill set to coat polymer optics. Some would say coating polymer optics is an art form. So, we leave this to the experts. Diverse Optics has teamed with the industry’s most premier polymer optics coating houses to offer a comprehensive range of thin-film coating options. Our customers benefit from our relationships and volume throughout with these key suppliers and we manage the entire process. Place your order for coated polymer optics with us and we will handle the rest.


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