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Custom Plastic OpticsOptical Lens ManufacturerYou may have known us by different names in the past – Avimo, Thales, or Qioptiq – We’re Diverse Optics Inc. And while our name may have changed through the years, our passion for polymer optics has never changed. For over 25 years, we’ve been manufacturing the most challenging polymer optic components, modules, and assemblies for leading defense, medical, and commercial applications with advanced technology and an experienced team of dedicated professionals. Polymer optics, it’s in our DNA, it’s who we are.
When you’re looking for consistently repeatable precision polymer optics to reduce cost, trim system weight, simplify design, and improve performance, come to Diverse Optics. Our breadth of polymer optics knowledge is unsurpassed and our experience with every type of polymer optic application is our namesake – Diverse. Take a look inside and see why optical engineers are amazed when we show them what we can do with polymer.
Let us show you how our experience and obsession with polymer optics can transform your optical system from expensive, heavy, and complicated to commercially viable, light weight, and wonderfully simple. Let Diverse Optics show you how polymer optics are perfected.

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